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Virtual Project Manager

Wondering how your project is going? Tired of waiting for sample disposition reports? Want to know if your project will be completed on time?

Now you can be in control of your project via Market Pulse's industry leading Virtual Project Manager. Using our VPM, you can view the daily progress of your project live. No more waiting for your research supplier to get back to you.

Our Virtual Project Manager gives you live access to your project so that you can check all aspects of your fieldwork. Unlike other companies, we give you live access not only to sample disposition reports, but also to incidence rates, refusal rates and the number of screener surveys completed.

And, our VPM gives you access to more than the fieldwork. You can also get real-time frequencies at your finger tips.

Your data is always secure as we give you a unique username and password.

Click here to see a snapshot of what our VPM looks like.

If you have any questions about our Virtual Project Manager, please e-mail us.

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