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Market Pulse Online offers advanced market research tools over the Web. With our in-house online panel of randomly recruited respondents, Market Pulse is the trusted online solution for public opinion polling, estimating true incidence levels, sizing markets and determining opportunities. Or simply any market research project that requires valid, representative sampling.

The two main challenges facing online surveys are:

• "Professional" respondents

Problem: People who volunteer for - or opt into - online panels often create multiple profiles on the same panel. These panelists provide false information so they can qualify for many studies (improper surrogacy). They also use response strategies that allow them to complete surveys in the shortest time (satisfiers).

Solution: Market Pulse online panel protects you from liars, cheats and speedsters by using Random-Digit Dialing (RDD) - a purely random recruiting method that ensures sampling integrity. Our panelists are then selected at random from our database to complete surveys online.

• Non-probability sampling

Problem: Online panel research typically uses opt-in recruitment methods. This leads to non-probability samples, not representative samples. A sample is representative only when an entire population under study has an equal opportunity of being selected, and when samples are drawn at random from that wider population.

Solution: Market Pulse Panel incorporates the views and opinions of all Canadians and is not vulnerable to the vagaries of opt-in panels. We constantly review all processes and practices of online data collection to produce top-quality actionable online panel survey results.

We're proud to provide the highest level of accuracy and representation on the Internet today.

Market Pulse's online surveys are an inexpensive, fast way of obtaining consumer and business research feedback. They allow quick creative changes with minimum cost and what's more they provide fast turnaround of responses - these responses are available immediately after the survey is completed by the respondent.

Online surveys allow you to make fast decisions and they allow online respondents to respond when it is convenient for them. Since, 90+% of Canadians are now connected online, there is a tremendous opportunity to tap into a cost efficient way of collecting respondents opinions.

Click HERE to participate in the Market Pulse Online Demonstration Tool.

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