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The Market Pulse Team

John Amato Director, Client Services

During his 20 years in market research, John has held many positions. Several years of experience as an interviewer, call centre manager, data processing managers and project/client manager. With this experience John has learned to respond to client needs with flexibility, dependability and speed. He's also one of the friendliest, even-keeled people you're likely to come across. Being responsive comes naturally to him. John has the experience in marketing research to provide clients with continuous meaningful feedback; and the analytic skill to customize a project from start to finish.

John oversees all aspects of the research process: from questionnaire design, to sampling, fieldwork, tabulation and reporting. During his career in market research, he has worked on projects from a broad spectrum of industries which gives him the insight to understand the objectives and implications of any research initiative thoroughly.

Gordon Kidd Director, Call Centre

As our Call Centre Director, Mr. Gordon Kidd brings over 25 years of market research experience in the strategic and tactical day-to-day management of service operation. Mr. Kidd oversees all aspects of call centre operations and he is the go-to point for managers, programmers, supervisors, interviewers, and administration. Mr. Kidd leads by example—his hands-on approach gives him the ability to quickly assess operations and implement the best balance of people, process and technology to maximize both productivity and quality. Mr. Kidd’s exceptional abilities as a manager, combined with his practised approach to call centre operations have proven him to be an excellent addition to our team.

Rizwana Mahida Director, Operations

Rizwana is excellent at managing the operations of our company because she understands the process of our business from all ends. Rizwana started working at Forum in 2007 and quickly climbed the ranks to Senior Supervisor of our Toronto call centre and most recently Manager of Operations. Her role in the overall maintenance of our office, ensures that every project we conduct is carried out in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner.

Frank Villarreal Manager, Call Centre

Frank has over 7 years of experience in the market research industry as well as a lifetime´s experience in dramatic arts and poetry. Starting off as an interviewer and moving up the ranks to monitor, supervisor and eventually call centre manager, he knows all that it takes to run a successful call centre.

Frank brings this understanding to his pre-shift briefings when the interviewers are rallied prior to the shift. He applies the same passion and energy to his work as he does in his writings and can always be depended to bring forth an enthusiastic approach to all he touches and in the role of Call Centre Manager, this is no easy feat.

Frank has been described as a diamond in the rough by his colleagues. His dogged determination and spirited personality make his a perfect fit to tackle any challenge. You can´t say no to Frank, it isn´t in his vocabulary. Whether spearheading the most recent expansion to the call centre or meeting a crucial deadline, Frank can consistently be relied on to get the job done.

Shane Sinnott Manager, Data Processing & New Technology

As a self-professed computer nerd from the days of DOS, Shane can almost instantly master most computer programs. Shane, a perfectionist, is extremely organized. His sharp mind is able to discern creative solutions to fit the requirements of any questionnaire. Though it's incredibly uncommon for Shane to make a mistake, all CATI programming is checked over by other members of our management team. Shane is also a great communicator who constantly shares his knowledge with the field-staff which improves the call centre's overall knowledge base.

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